Touring Korea with Dave

Dave was one of the first people I met when I landed in Ulsan in 2003. Along with a small M.I.T. crew, we toured all over the place. One of the many field trips was to the Cheongdo International Bullfighting Festival. It wasn’t particularly international but it was certainly interesting.

Dave at the Cheongdo International Bullfighting Festival

Another field trip was to Jinhae on the south coast to see cherry blossoms in full bloom. This required an overnight stay in Busan, in what was I believe all of our first experience staying at a love motel. The walls were very thin.

Dave - Jinhae 2004
Dave at the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival




Dave and Erin have always been very private people, however, Erin needs some help, she’s not asking for it, and neither would have Dave. However, it’s still the reality that this has been a very hard year for them.

Erin’s friends have started a GoFundMe site to help Erin manage the expenses of my best friend’s funeral and more. Please, do what you can.


Dave took my favorite photo of myself.

Dave Harvey took this photo. It is my favorite photo of myself and I don’t think any other person behind a camera could have captured what is in this shot. Those who know me well, probably know at this stage that I was never an angel on the field of play. I was marking Busan Utd’s best player that day, and Dave gives a revealing insight into how I dealt with him. I was 38 at that stage; too old for breaking but too young to tame.  My opponent was 16 years younger than I, and as fast and skillful as hell.

In all my years on a sports-field no other lens everDave Harvey took this caught the essence of what I was about. Only Dave!

Fortunately, for many of you it’s the back of my head that Dave captured. Photos are a funny entity. I doubt if many of your favorite photos of yourselves do not reveal your face, but so it is with me. Few mastered that entity better than Dave. Thank you Dave. You made a very old footballer happy one last time when you gave me a enlarged printed copy of that shot in Ulsan in 2004. It has since been framed and hangs above my mantelpiece in Ireland. Thank you again.

A Space to Share

Was there anyone who did more for all of us and asked for less? He was Just Dave, my best friend, your best friend, the greatest, quietest, most dangerous man who ever lived. Photographer, husband, cyclist, boss, friend, noodle deliveryman.


Please, use this space to share your memories so that they aren’t lost.

Contact the site and I will set you up as an admin, or me @ f i n m a d d e n at G m a i l