Dave and Erin have always been very private people, however, Erin needs some help, she’s not asking for it, and neither would have Dave. However, it’s still the reality that this has been a very hard year for them.

Erin’s friends have started a GoFundMe site to help Erin manage the expenses of my best friend’s funeral and more. Please, do what you can.



We were family, young and free


Dave was once the centre of a large family. The rational, calm, sober and yet somehow crazy, fun one of the group. He was brother to us all, helper, friend.

Life has taken many turns, many have families of their own, and are instilling values that Dave represented in their own children. Be positive, be helpful, listen.

Together, he will live on.

A Space to Share

Was there anyone who did more for all of us and asked for less? He was Just Dave, my best friend, your best friend, the greatest, quietest, most dangerous man who ever lived. Photographer, husband, cyclist, boss, friend, noodle deliveryman.


Please, use this space to share your memories so that they aren’t lost.

Contact the site and I will set you up as an admin, or me @ f i n m a d d e n at G m a i l